soft hands.

june: well, at least it wasn't an electric fan

comic relief:

june: seriously, is there any visible solution for the yankees
june: for the yankees pitching disaster?
lupe: not that i can come up with
june: george must be killing someone or something right now
lupe: unless it's cloning el duque
june: :-(
lupe: or go to a four man right now
june: what 's REALLY scary is that there was a time, not very long ago at all, when DUQUE was the starter who scared me the most
lupe: dont even bother with loaiza
june: UGH
lupe: all i can do is shake my head
lupe: maybe they can teach arod to pitch. he's got a cannon, and seems to adapt well to new situations. and sheff was a pitcher in little league, i think. maybe give him the call. and olerud pitched to hatte in college. haaaaa.
june: who's hatte?
june: oh, scott?
june: i didn't know that!
lupe: hattie typo
june: hey, seriously, olerud... not a bad idea
lupe: i think thats how it went. at washington state.
june: there would be no scouting report on him
lupe: :D
june: and turtle can play third and arod could spot start
lupe: i like it!
june: seriously
june: arod could probably go what 3-4 innings with not much problem
lupe: it cant get any worse
june: and bounce back and play 3rd the next day
june: no kidding

we oughta go on the road!


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