soft hands.

joel said not to worry about cleveland but

looks like i picked a good night to not watch a game!

because i don't have the traumatic events burned on the backs of my eyelids, it's easier for me to say that in the end, it's just another check in the L column. the nagging thing is that those L's are piling up. maybe it'll have an effect like the astros no hitter last summer. time to roll? well. we'll see.

so - amusingly, esteban loaiza appears to be as big a pile of suck coming out of the pen as he does a starter. WHO KNEW! edit: no, really. how is it someone can be so consistently gut-wrenchingly cringeworthy at their job? i'm serious. is he protesting or something? what's the line - "Even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day." someone tore the hands clean off this clock.
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  • this blog sucks

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  • MY FIRST TROLL!!!!11!

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  • 10 to 1 its a lost netphorian.

    the funny thing is that i had the game on and didnt see us score a single run. i would pop my head in the room and it was like, whoa. another three runs. dont worry, you won tonite, and will likely win tomorrow. lee has gotten 2 people out since june. and who knows, maybe now youll start playing like 289 million bucks. i dont really care as long as boston fans are crying come october. kill kill kill.

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  • crack ass movie. even better ride sample. :D

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