soft hands.

he's a comedian too


[duque] knows how to enjoy himself in big games, too, as was evident by the play he made to retire Coco Crisp for the first out of the third inning.

Crisp hit a ground ball to the right side that Hernandez grabbed near the first-base line. He then stepped in front of Crisp to try and tag him for the out. Crisp backed up and evaded the Hernandez swipe, then tried a head fake in an attempt to get past El Duque. But Hernandez didn't bite, and stood squarely in Crisp's path, blocking him from any chance of reaching the bag. With nowhere to go, Crisp turned around and simply jogged back to the Indians' dugout, while El Duque stood, legs wide apart, arms crossed across his chest.

"There was only one way to first base and I got there first," Hernandez said of the play. "He tried to deke me twice. I wasn't going to move. And there's no other way to first base.

"He was a gentleman," El Duque said of Crisp. "He gave up." [newark star ledger]
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