soft hands.


NY Yankees 8 Runs 16 Hits
Kansas City 17 Runs 18 Hits

"It's like our whole pitching staff is Victor Zambrano." - Kim, on last night's debacle.

"It's embarrassing -- that's all it was, embarrassing." - Tanyon Sturtze

expanding slightly on what i've already said elsewhere, it was like watching a highlight reel of everything that's aggravating about this season:

- the soft underbelly of the middle relief left exposed
- doing that irritating thing where they play down to the level of a sub .500 team and somehow veer completely beyond that, into little league territory
- the mysterious overuse of paul quantrill.
more things-that-are-annoying-about-baseball-in-general-but:
- screwy umpiring
- killing the ball, but straight at somebody

there is also the mysterious choice to use every scrub available rather than steve karsay, who only appears after everything's already shot to hell, which i'm sure does wonders for his confidence. give the guy a little work so's he can step in when quantrill's arm finally snaps from the thread its hanging on (anecdote: when i spotted him he was gingerly carrying two paper cups of coffee and i hissed at my brother, "should he even be holding those?").

people shoving the blame on halsey are full of shit - the 2 runs he initially let up were a byproduct of having the shadow of bernie williams patrol centerfield, and the offense had ample opportunity to score for him early. this should have been an opportunity to work out the kinks, not to dominate the mighty kansas city royals. not like he's on the postseason roster, anyway. unless it's to replace felix heredia, though even i could pretend to be left-handed and fucking replace that pile of suck.

i guess it WAS nice to see the bench guys step up, though, when everyone else looked zombiefied.

i am enjoying seeing arod continue to recover from his risp-phobia. i mean. there's not much else to enjoy, is there?
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