soft hands.

snapshots of 7/9

- sweet lou arguing, flashbulbs going and "LOOoooOOOOOoooooooOOUUUUUUuuuu!" reverberating all around.

- my brother's friend chucking a quarter from the upper deck at carl crawford. i was up when he did it, when i got back my brother says, "see that shiny thing six inches to his left?" good aim, kid, but i was mortified.

- no guy-behind-me, we are not from ohio. the fact that i was saying "bawk" instead of "balk" might have tipped you off.

- jess and i got lost in the stadium, post-june-meet and searching for a salted pretzel. i don't know how many times we walked up and down and around and around, missing the comeback in the meantime. of course, we maintain the theory that the comeback was possible precisely because we weren't there to see it.

- seeing my all-american-pretty cousin, ordinarily this amazonian fashionista, morph into a foaming-at-the-mouth fan before my very eyes. picture malibu barbie cupping her hands round her mouth screaming VAZQUEZ YOU'RE KILLING ME. i love it.
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  • awww I love yankee stadium - I call it "the happiest place on earth" - but even I have to say the tunnels and ramps SUCK ASS. I'm convinced they were designed by the Narnia closet people, or the people who designed Hogwarts ... there are parts of the tunnels that I SWEAR do not always exist and/or lead to different places on different visits, and there are concessions that i SWEAR magically come into and go out of being without explanation. Examples: A GREAT, and relatively very cheap, mexican/pulled chicken/nacho concession; and a krispy kreme stand that sells blue-and-white-iced donuts.

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  • the narnia/hogwarts parallel is dead-on, in fact one of the things it made me think of was the movie Labyrinth, there was even a little troll giving us bad directions. too bad there was no david bowie waiting for us at the other end.

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