soft hands.

peter gammons exists on some other planet.

from his latest disjointed mess:

"Randy's also the face of the team that won a World Series in an astounding four seasons."

astounding? that team was built to win, as those 97 marlins were built to win. there was NOTHING astounding about it.

from a 2001 article:

...and the Arizona Diamondbacks , brought together rotisserie style from the prizes of the free agent market to win a National League pennant in their fourth year.

...The Diamondbacks are, at once, a very new and a very old baseball club. They came to us in 1998, after Phoenix sports impresario Jerry Colangelo contributed $130 million to an expansion fund for the benefit of existing Major League club owners. Soon enough after their first pitch, the Diamondbacks had assembled the best club money could buy, leading to a playoff in their second season and financial difficulties in their third.

At the trading deadline last year, the Diamondbacks dealt for right-hander Curt Schilling, one of the game's very best pitchers. In tandem with lefty Randy Johnson, another of the game's very best, Schilling has led a group of 11 players in their thirties to their first World Series. Among them are ex-Reds Reggie Sanders, Greg Swindell and Mike Morgan, none of whom is younger than 33.

Though the Diamondbacks were no more than pretty good during the regular season, they've been deadly during the postseason simply because no one can top Schilling and Johnson in the front two slots of the pitching rotation. But the Diamondbacks will bring little pitching behind Schilling and Johnson, and they don't carry a lot of offense beyond Sanders and their hitting star, Luis Gonzalez.

assembled assembled assembled assembled assembled. non-astounding.

more in line with the best interests of baseball would be something like, oh, peter gammons gets a fucking editor.
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