soft hands.

oh that Bill Madden

"As for the Red Sox, Johnson's disinclination to reunite with Curt Schilling has been well-documented, and you can be sure that the entire Fenway nuthouse of pampered stars and disgruntled free agents-to-be has little appeal for him. The more things change, the more they remain the same in Beantown where Red Sox manager Terry (The Enabler) Francona elected last week to give Pedro Martinez an extra day of his annual week long midseason vacation to the Dominican Republic by pitching Derek Lowe (who got bombed by the Angels) in the first game back. Francona insisted that was always the plan, but suspicions abounded that the Red Sox were concerned Pedro wouldn't make it back in time to pitch the second-half opener. In any case, his delayed start will now preclude him from facing the Yankees next weekend."

edit for clarification: the johnson mention was of less interest to me than the jab at the sox team chemistry.
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  • Oh, I wouldn't worry. I firmly believe a man who was so inclined to change his number due to the high number of calls Curt was making will NOT be waiving his no-trade clause to go to be with him anytime soon.


    See, text emoticons are not the same as the BoBC's.

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    like i told you it's been rattling around in my brain for so long i can't even process it anymore. i wish the deadline would hurry up and get here so all this crap could end.

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  • oh, ps - i'm not worried - i was actually less interested in the johnson mention than i was in words like nuthouse anddisgruntled and enabler.

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