soft hands.

gary sheffield, quote machine.

"Sheffield said that pregame stretching and batting practice wasn't the same without Jeter around. 'It was pretty flat,' Sheffield said. 'I told Derek I didn't know how the game was going to go.

'We're not the Yankees without Jeter,' Sheffield added. 'But when the game started, the offense seemed to click.'"
- daily news

the only thing soap opera-ish about this clubhouse seems to be jason giambi's neverending battle with his own body:

"The buzz was not even about the small fracture in shortstop Derek Jeter's right hand that kept him out of the game and might keep him out of the series finale this afternoon.

Instead, the word everyone heard was cancer because it was spoken several times by a visibly troubled Jason Giambi, the slugging first baseman, who sat out the game."
- ny times


""Today was just checking to make sure I had no cancer or anything else,' Giambi said. 'Tomorrow is going back to the infectious disease doctor and see - hopefully get all the results and everybody sit down and concur and just have an answer.'"
- newsday

the infectious disease doctor? is that some kinda specialist? and "anything else," i love what anything else could mean. malaria? bubonic plague? gout? cholera? creutzfeldt-jakob? in all seriousness, i'd be terrified.

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