soft hands.

fearless prediction

everyone in the lineup hits a home run tonight except the third baseman


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second best minor league promotion ever?

rick babe ruth ankiel comic book day! (thx dan, who also gets mini qotd: "Man, I’m beginning to lose patience with this team. They can’t even fall out of contention right.")

speaking of, one of my favorite things to read over at the milb site is the weekly promotions roundup. it's too wonderfully snarky and fun:
In a prime example of mankind's remarkable ability to evolve and adapt, Minor League promotion directors keep finding new body parts that can be "bobbled." Just six days after the Stockton Ports' "Fonzie Bobble Arm" giveaway, the Whitecaps will be distributing 1,000 "Ty Cobb Bobblefoot Dolls" prior to Tuesday's contest against the Chiefs. These items -- fittingly sponsored by Foot and Ankle Specialists of West Michigan -- feature a determined-looking Cobb sliding into a base. His foot bobbles menacingly, no doubt looking for an opposing bobblefielder it can brutally spike.

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o rly?

I’ve heard two versions:

* Eric Gagne to the Yankees for Tyler Clippard, Jeff Karstens, and a C-level prospect
* Eric Gagne to the Yankees for Tyler Clippard, Jeff Marquez, and a C-level prospect

Either way, Eric Gagne appears to be on his way to New York to set up for The Sandman. I will update this post when the exact information is announced. [mvn]

and while i'm at it, no wai at this random comment: "i really hope they don’t give away karstens because i think he has a better future than marquez."


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i'm kind of sad to learn that tata rhymes with beta. oh well. i'll keep on pronouncing it like the synonym for boobs.


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i love sweeny murti


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was just skimming jon heyman's column in SI and found this little gem:

Salty has an unusual family situation. Now 21, he married a teacher at his high school in West Palm Beach, Fla., who is now 37, according to records. His wife Ashley, who recently gave birth to their second child, insisted to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that their personal relationship didn't begin until the fall of 2004, when Salty was 18.

to quote kev from the office: niiiiiiiiice.


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curiouser and curiouser

The Yankees today took a significant step toward making Joba Chamberlain a part of their bullpen down the stretch when they took him out of the rotation at Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.

Chamberlain, who struck out 10 over five innings Wednesday in his Scranton debut, was scratched from his expected start Monday night and moved to a relief role. [star ledger]


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so apparently joe buck has as big a crush on paul rudd as i do


though really... how can you not?


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stuart scott: some people say that [jeter]'s the second best shortstop on his own team.
adam sandler: ehhh. yankees fans don't talk like that.

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If I could give out awards on this blog, the poster known as Scooter would currently be wearing a gold medal.

As he wrote in the comments section, the Yankees have promoted two of their biggest prospects to Scranton/Wilkes-Barre while sending down two guys who pitched in the big leagues earlier this season.

Joba Chamberlain and Ian Kennedy, each of whom was drafted last year and started this season in Class-A Tampa, have been promoted to Triple-A.

Chase Wright and Tyler Clippard have been sent down to Double-A.

Apparently, while I was writing a quick story for the paper, Scooter was writing about the in the comments section. I sent my story then then logged on here. . . and the news was already broken! Well done. [SWB blog]


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well it's about time


(thx mike)

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The cast was different, the performance the same.

Jose Veras and Daniel McCutchen combined on Tampa's second no-hitter in four days Sunday as the Yankees blanked the Lakeland Flying Tigers, 4-0, in the opener of their doubleheader.

After Veras struck out four in two perfect innings in his debut for Tampa (21-9), McCutchen (11-2) fanned two and walked five. He benefited from three double plays and tied Clearwater's Andrew Carpenter for the Florida State League lead in wins.

McCutchen has had his way with the Flying Tigers this season, having pitched 11 scoreless innings over two outings. The 24-year-old right-hander lowered his ERA to 2.50, which ranks fourth in the league. [milb]


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qot night, and assorted stream of consciousness psychobabble about that team i've been neglecting

"shelley duncan hit 25 home runs at AAA, so he IS a power hitter." - joe morgan, with authority, during chris duncan's at bat just now

yeah chipper, scotty woulda had that

apparently ryan howard hitting 50 billion home runs last year is reason enough for humpty dumpty jon miller be shocked and appalled that howard was not included on the all star team THIS year. OH, THE HUMANITY.

watching izzy just now reminds me that i never shared this fantastic danup quote: "By my estimation, we’re finally seeing the old Jason Isringhausen–not the broken 2006 model, or the unhittable early-2007 model, but the most terrifying elite closer in baseball, loading the bases and making inadvisable bare-handed grabs and generally acting like he does not care at all that he’s the shutdown closer of a Major League Baseball team. Giving up a double and striking out the side? Classic Izzy."

dane cook? don't tell me about baseball, or why i love baseball, or anything involving baseball. stick to your shitty boring comedy and leave me alone.


which, naturally, they follow up with some a them statistic thingies that say he's hard to strike out so.. yeah, still pretty much the best little player ever!

i like how five minutes ago i was thinking that miles-eckstein-shumaker was the least terrifying/most depressing part of an order since any two names+wil nieves and skip goes and hits one out. well done indeed.

scott rolen! somewhere juney is shrieking. if not, i just might have done it for her.

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as if things haven't been annoying enough this season

i am now obligated to root for a molina. feh.


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kevin whelan and the tampa yankees pitch a something something

[kevin] Whelan (2-0) went five innings in the Yankees' combined no-hitter Wednesday, striking out four and walking one in the 3-0 shutout at Legends Field.

The 23-year-old right-hander, who was able to use his fastball and slider for strikes, lowered his ERA to 1.73 in his sixth start for Tampa.

Whelan was a reliever for the past two seasons before beginning this year with Double-A Trenton, where he was 3-0 with four saves and a 2.90 ERA in 18 appearances. He made his first Minor League start June 12, giving up four runs on four hits in two frames, but has yielded just one run on six hits over his last 24 innings. [milb]

in other milb news, his awesomeness' line from his cursed day start:

Hughes 4.0IP 2H 1R 1ER 2BB 5K 0HR


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the only time anything involving curt schilling's made me all "aww"


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pocket rocket update!

from the aforementioned shannon! yes, you have to register to read. don't be a baby.

i'll be there friday night, and i probably won't blog about it. i predict rain, as is mother nature's cruel wont whenever i go to waterfront for a hughes start. or at least it feels that way.

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just wanna take a moment

to give a shoutout to my girl shannon. miss aspiring sports journalist took part in her first professional interview today... with phil motherfucking hughes! i no doubt would have peed myself or vomited on his shoes or something, but she managed to survive and i'm sure did a fantastic job. i could die of proudness.

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in case you blinked and missed it

jason giambi in the bronx is burning:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

though i wish he'd been able to flesh out his character a little, maybe something more along the lines of this guy:


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Victoria Beckham, wife of soccer star David Beckham and former Spice Girl, known as Posh, is filmed during batting practice before a Dodgers baseball game in Los Angeles, Monday, June 11, 2007. Beckham is set to make a splash on U.S. television when NBC airs a one-hour special titled "Victoria Beckham: Coming to America" on July 16, before her husband's July 21 debut with the Los Angeles Galaxy. [ap]

all 93475 other weird things going on in that picture aside...... i've worn some questionable footwear to games in my time but high wedge heeled sneakers, victoria? really?


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"He's got enough money," Darryl Strawberry said. "That is not the answer. He needs to honestly answer, 'What do I want my legacy to be?' He's done Seattle. He's done Texas. Now, what, he can do L.A.? Do you want your legacy to be one of those places or do you want to be part of New York forever? He has a chance to make a mark in a Yankee uniform. He has to think what this franchise means." [joel sherman]

dunno whether or not i ought to be disturbed that straw and i think alike.

in other news, how awesomely kitsch does the bronx is burning look? i hear reggie's not happy but he should be delighted they picked such a pretty dude to play him. who's tuning in to see reggie anyway? i'm all about john fucking turturro going all over the top billy fucking martin. okay, and maybe hoping a little bit that the rescue me guy gets some shirtless screentime.

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qot other day

"you look like... french. or matilda." - my brother on my haircut

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can't say i blame her


going by the half billion colorfully offensive things i've heard yelled at her husband over the years, i'm sure half the people sitting behind her deserve it. and that's just the expensive seats.

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