soft hands.

color me shocked

i seem to have a text message declaring henn, nieves and phelps made the roster? huh? at the expense of Grit, Veteranosity and Good-in-the-Clubhouse? where is joe torre and what have you people done with him? i just love question marks?
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for shame



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really? cause i was kinda hoping....

“We’re not going to be anybody’s sugar daddy anymore.” -- brian cashman
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re bees and more bees

so many useless references to be made, so little time!


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the only yankee news i can tolerate right now

is this high socks thing:

Yankees Reds Spring Baseball

it better be a season long trend or i will be severely displeased.


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hurry hurry hurry

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clearly i wasn't part of this study

according to some study, mens eyes drift crotchward while looking at pictures on the web:

The Online Journalism Review reports on Jakob Nielsen's use of an eye-tracker to look at how different people read the Web -- particularly news. There are lots of interesting findings, but the best is the revelation that men fixate on any visible genital areas in photos -- even animals' crotches come in for a good eyeballing. [boing boing]

[thanks to gerard cstb for the finding, since i can't be bothered to dredge anything up on my own anymore]
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did i post this already?

don't care. it never gets old.

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old quote of the day

michael kay: i was voted mr social studies in high school.
kitty kaat: oh, really? i thought you were mr social LIFE.
ken singleton: [dr hibbert chuckle]

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quote of the day

ken singleton, while trying to find a nickname for phil hughes:

: "how about pocket rocket?"

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