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best christmas ever?

The Yankees are in discussions with the Arizona Diamondbacks about sending Randy Johnson back to the team for which he starred in 1999-2004, according to a baseball official.

The official, who works for a third team but has spoken to people involved in negotiations, asked not to be identified because of the confidential nature of his discussions.

"They're talking," the official said. [star ledger]


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i'm sure his new wifey's thrilled

Florida Marlins pitcher Dontrelle Willis was arrested Friday morning on a drunken driving charge along a Miami Beach street lined with nightclubs.

An officer saw the former NL rookie of the year stop his black Bentley in the South Beach neighborhood, get out of the car around 4:30 a.m. and urinate in the street. Miami Beach police spokesman Bobby Hernandez said the officer noticed signs of intoxication as he approached Willis, who failed a field sobriety test.

"He couldn't keep his balance, he had a strong smell of alcohol," Hernandez said.

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okay, there are some things i don't miss

like tlr's befuddling negative attitude toward anthony reyes:

TLR on Reyes' status, after saying he considered only Carpenter and Wells sure things in the rotation: "I consider him competing. That's not a healthy thing for Anthony to say, hey, go ahead and buy a house, you're here. That's not a good attitude. I think he'll respond better if he knows and the club knows...

"Kip is an experienced starter. He's had enough success. But the other three guys that pitch in that rotation, as of right now, should be guys that walk out of camp and can say, 'I won that job. I earned it.'

"He's a year older and he's a year better pitcher. I just don't think it's smart to make a statement that you can't back up. And if he goes into camp and can't get anybody out..." [obviously, you're not a golfer]

nope, not enough bad words in my vocabulary. carl pavano's a pretty experienced starter, how about team tony takes him, and the yankees take a chance on this inexperienced young reyes fella. everybody wins! and by everybody i mean tlr, who is , let's face it, the only person that matters.
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i miss baseball. that is all.
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"It’s not your fault that your GM has the baseball IQ of a pine nut." -- go crazy folks!, offering condolences to cubs fans
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Rumored deals for the New York Yankees' Carl Pavano or the Philadelphia Phillies' Jon Lieber carry little heft, according to club sources, though the Cardinals have asked to examine the oft-injured Pavano's medical records. [stl post-dispatch]


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quote of the day

"i guess he punched his wife in the ovaries!" -- kimmeh, on andy pettitte's return to the yankees

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re: andy pettitte

i feel like my best friend's sister's boyfriend's cousin heard from her hairdresser whose catsitter overheard that my first love might want to get back together. die sentimentality, die!
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