soft hands.


not sure what makes me want to vomit more, the piddly amount of money he's suing for or the stunning fact that someone voluntarily had sex with him.

Randy Johnson has a secret love child - and the Yankees superstar is playing hardball with the girl's mom, it was revealed yesterday.

The flame-throwing lefty, who makes $16 million a year, is suing ex-girlfriend Laurel Roszell for less than $100,000 in child-care payments for their daughter Heather, now 16, according to court papers revealed by The Smoking Gun Web site. [daily news]

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quote of yesterday

"i saw tino at a party about a week ago and said, 'wow, retirement agrees with you,' and his wife goes 'yeah, well, it doesn't agree with me.'" -- michael kay

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not much to say, other than that these two weeks can't go by fast enough. in the meantime i'm really enjoying the blogs of beat writers of various teams:

- roch kubatko: "The Orioles have noticed that Bedard's command suffers when he slows down. We all suffer when he slows down. But he was outstanding today. "
- peter abraham: "Carl Pavano will throw batting practice tomorrow but the hitters may not swing. If only it could be that way in the games for him."
- derrick goold: "[TLR] spots pitcher Adam Wainwright, tells the righthander he could 'score some points' in the fifth-starter competition by taking over. Wainwright gets up and says: 'I don’t really know what to say, but I need those points.'"
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i guess there's SOMEthing good about it.

baby bombers, as far as the eye can see.

Yes, it is the strangest of spring trainings here when the Yankees can't knock either the Knicks or NFL labor talks off the back page. But for the moment, without a crisis on the horizon, or George Steinbrenner raising the ante on his mini-feud with Bud Selig, there's not much to do but watch baseball.

And what you see featured here is a species that is normally foreign to this environment. In a word, youth.

Partly because Derek Jeter and friends are playing in the World Baseball Classic, and partly because the Yankees seem determined to prove that their farm system is not as barren as has been reported, Legends Field is suddenly a kiddie playground.

Last year's phenom, Robinson Cano, is a grizzled veteran at 23 compared to many players drawing attention in these games.

Philip Hughes, the Yanks' top pitching prospect, is 19. Eric Duncan, their top position-player prospect from Florham Park, N.J. - is 21. Manning center field most days is 21-year-old Melky Cabrera, who proved not ready for prime time last year, and Joe Torre has seemed genuinely impressed by 20-year-old Ramiro Pena at shortstop, and 19-year-old Marcos Vechionacci at third base.

Finally, there was 21-year-old J.Brent Cox, the reliever drafted out of the University of Texas last year, closing out yesterday's 11-8 win over the Blue Jays. [daily news]

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quote of the day

"Rodrigo Lopez, his credentials speak for themselves. He's capable of shutting anybody out on any given day. He shut the Yankees out all the time, and that's basically the same lineup we've got." -- jake peavy on mexico's talent level

bitch please, any AAAA scrub is capable of shutting out the yankees.

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