soft hands.



guess it's his little way of saying "thank you for not trading me for a bucket of mississippi new jersey mud."
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now if someone could just explain to me why joe buck was quoting tom cruise's oprah fiasco...

i nearly died about 68 times from sheer agita. but in the words of the blessedly inimitable tim mccarver, it was pretty, errr, "yummy."

Rodriguez walked Tony Womack leading off the ninth then walked Jeter on a 3-and-2 pitch after Womack had stolen second. Robinson Cano struck out, but Gary Sheffield, after falling behind 0-and-2, walked to load the bases. Rodriguez threw four consecutive sliders, one in the dirt for a wild pitch.

Now at 31 pitches, Rodriguez threw four wide ones to Alex Rodriguez, forcing in a run and bringing up Matsui, who jumped on the first pitch to end it. [hartford courant]

chacon was a really nice surprise, and the bullpen owes him an apology. although - supergenius put in a struggling reliever who just flew the redeye from the west coast and hadn't pitched in at least 10 days to boot... and people were disapppointed? what did they think would happen?

from the daily news:

Indeed, on his first day in pinstripes it struck him when he heard Frank Sinatra blaring from the loudspeakers seconds after Hideki Matsui's game-winning double, and for a change, "New York, New York" didn't make him break out in hives.

"Usually," Embree was saying afterward, "I'm walking off the field saying, 'Man, I hate that song.' Right now it feels good to be a Yankee and enjoy it. I've seen them do this so many times. I know what they have. I know what they can do."

...Embree had to admit it felt strange, a member of the hated Red Sox until 10 days ago showing up virtually unannounced here in Yankeeland. "I got here early this morning," Embree said, "and I had my stuff in my Red Sox bag. The first thing I said (to the Yankees' equipment man) was, 'Get this bag out of sight before anybody sees it.'"

The Yankees, of course, will be happy to accept Embree if he proves to be the reliable lefthander in the bullpen they've been looking everywhere for the last couple of years.

If not, well, people in Boston used to call Ramiro Mendoza "an embedded Yankee" when he struggled after signing with the Red Sox. Yesterday Embree was treated like he was still a Red Sox by Yankee fans, booed off the field after helping to blow a 3-1 lead in the seventh inning.

In truth, Embree wasn't hit hard. He gave up a bloop single, and then made a throwing error on Chone Figgins' bunt. It made a mess of the inning, but he was also clocked at 94 mph and 96 mph on the radar gun, which gives the Yankees hope that he can find his command and be an important piece to their bullpen.

quote of the game, from little timmy, of course: "from a strategy standpoint, this game is DELICIOUS!"


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but wait!

it gets better!


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what did i do to deserve this?

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quote of the day

lorena on brad radke: "I'd hit it, even though he's not fat or ugly."


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a girl can dream

from the daily news:

The Bombers seem determined to make a move for a new outfielder and Joe Torre has stressed several times over the past few days how important it is to upgrade the injury-riddled pitching staff. The Bombers have spent a lot of time looking at the Mariners lately, since Randy Winn is a potential target to play center, while righthander Gil Meche and lefty Ron Villone - whom the Yanks had interest in last winter - also have settled on the Bombers' radar. The Bombers also have looked at Cleveland center fielder Grady Sizemore.

now i'm off to put a "tony womack > grady sizemore" hex on mark shapiro.
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quote of the game

bobby murcer: "and what i would tell robinson cano, if i were down there right now.. is get your fingers out of your mouth! they're dirty!"


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poor juney

talk about bad timing.

The mechanics were back but the productive hitting was still missing.

As a result, Cardinals All-Star third baseman Scott Rolen elected to go on the disabled list Friday because of shoulder problems that have nagged him since May.

...Rolen was placed on the 15-day disabled list, but there is the possibility he could be lost for the season. [mlb]

ignoring that last part.


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fell asleep around, oh, 6 pm and missed the game, but i think even in my fucking sleep i could have outmanaged joe torre last night. wayne franklin in to protect a one run game with aaron small going today? and on to anaheim after that? fantastic.
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not to be outdone by senator al...

...and as if i needed another reason to want to throw my arms around chris carpenter, he goes and outduels roger clemens:

Twirling a three-hit, no-walk, nine-strikeout shutout gem at the Astros and Clemens on Sunday, Carpenter became the first National League pitcher to win 14 games, in a 3-0 victory that consumed all of 1 hour 59 minutes.

The win at Busch Stadium kept the Cardinals' lead at a silly 13 games over the Chicago Cubs in the National League Central Division, gave them a series sweep that boosted them 27 games over .500 and lowered Carpenter's earned-run average over his past six starts to a ridiculous 0.36.

That means he has given up only two runs (homers by shortstops Felipe Lopez of Cincinnati and Alex Cintron of Arizona) in 50 2/3 innings in those six consecutive wins while allowing 20 hits, walking just seven and striking out 54. The Cardinals have devoured division opposition this season at 29-9, and nobody has feasted more than Carpenter, who is 9-0 with a 1.28 ERA against the Central this season and 3-0 with an 0.38 ERA against Houston.


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still sort of unbelieving about leiter's performance. was predictably moved by his nod to Rags. last night was unexpected, it was welcome, it lets me hope they'll tread water over the next few brutal days.

For now, Leiter wanted to savor a most satisfying homecoming. A lifetime ago, on Sept. 15, 1987, Leiter's debut at Yankee Stadium was treated as the coming of a new day to a tired old franchise. The first six outs he recorded that night against the Brewers were strikeouts. He won, 4-3.

"I want to know that I belong here," he'd said that night.

Eighteen years later, he yearns for the same significance. He craves the chance to end things on his terms. He asked for No. 19 as tribute to Dave Righetti, and even called his old mentor Saturday night.

"He was happy," Leiter said. "He always said that 22 was a hitter's number."

The Yankees are equally delighted. "The way to beat this team is to have great left-handed pitching," Alex Rodriguez said of the Sox. "Al Leiter was beautiful tonight."

For one night, at least, he'd get no argument from Leiter. Or from anyone else. [ny post]

stumbled across this; i was mildly surprised joe morgan didn't take him to task for not playing the game The Right Way:

For a few fleeting minutes, it appeared as if the Yankees might have stayed one inning too long. Trailing, 5-1, entering the ninth -- which had seminal moment written all over it -- Manny Ramirez led off with a prodigious blast to left-center off Tom Gordon. He finished his swing with an emphatic flourish that seemed to tick off Posada.

Posada followed Ramirez a few steps up the line, then turned for the third base line, perhaps to say something to Ramirez on his way home. But plate umpire Jerry Meals made sure to occupy Posada as Ramirez completed his trot. The two players did not exchange any words, at least not at that moment.

''We try to play the game the right way," Posada said later. ''That's the only thing I have to say. You're down by three runs."


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ocean county represent!


"Al Leiter will pitch Sunday, followed by Kevin Brown on Monday. That would have been encouraging eight years ago, when Leiter and Brown helped lead the Florida Marlins to a World Series title." - tyler kepner

"Veteran players and members of the coaching staff weren't above asking each other what they knew of Leiter's troubled season in Florida. 'Not a bleeping thing,' is what one veteran said." - bob klapisch

sometimes i don't know whether to laugh or cry... but maybe something good can come out of it. he can hop right in the broadcast booth after i rip out michael kay's vocal cords he gets DFA'd again.


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understatement of the year

“We pushed the envelope on Melky Cabrera. We asked a lot of him." - brian cashman
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i want wang

currently i fret more for little melky's psyche than the gory outcome of a game that was lost before it even began.

that said... randy johnson? feel free to pitch like you know how, for a change.
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hello everybody!

my new friend Anonymous would like you all to know that after alex rodriguez lofted a long lazy flyball to cambridge the centerfield seats, there were in fact wondrous things accomplished by the sox new closer. i'd hate to be mistaken for a pinstriped propaganda machine, so:

Matsui struck out, Martinez flew out, and Womack popped out

hunter wendekrhstedt called a super awesome game, so i don't know WHAT matsui was thinking taking that last pitch, and to get hot hitters like tino martinez and tony womack to fly out weakly, well... mo, you better just retire now.

i apologize for my omission. thanks!
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C Schilling relieved M Timlin.
G Sheffield doubled to deep center.
A Rodriguez homered to center, G Sheffield scored.

Mariano Rivera pitching for New York
J Damon struck out swinging.
E Renteria struck out swinging.
D Ortiz struck out swinging.
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what the hell

jason giambi successfully turned the 3-6-3 dp. where is the real giambi and what have you done with him?
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from dave buscema:

The Patriot Award: Get this, it doesn't go to George M. Steinbrenner, the Fourth of July son who issues statements worthy of generals. Can't pass up giving it to Mike Mussina, who changed into a bright red Captain America T-shirt on the Fourth. When his star-spangled attire was duly noted, Mussina smirked. "I've got plenty more where this came from."

The Trying too Hard to Get Close to the Patriot Award: This one goes to the loyal female reader or prankster who e-mailed me for a scouting report on Mussina and wondered what his reaction to an offer of an, uh, "night of fun" would be. Sorry, ladies, Mr. Mussina is happily married. I, on the other hand..

i would like to thank my charming friend, the Loyal Female Reader, for providing me with a much needed fit of laughter during a day which overall has just made me want to punch someone in the face.

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excuse me, but



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per newsday:

Alex Rodriguez has not decided to play for the Dominican Republic over the United States in next March's World Baseball Classic -- because it's not his decision to make.

Hours after Rodriguez reportedly told members of the Hispanic media Monday he plans to play for the Dominican Republic in the tournament, Bud Selig told him it will be the commissioner's decision, Rodriguez's spokesman, Steve Fortunato, said yesterday.

And that's if George Steinbrenner even allows his players to take part in it.

"It's too early in the process for these type of decisions to be made," Fortunato said. "First, he has to be selected to be a part of it. Then he has to decide if he wants to play, or if he will be allowed to play. Then he will be told what country to play for."

i don't care about this stupid circus act mlb is putting on. i don't care who goes to play for which country, or why (though, shit, if i were at all eligible i'd pick the dominican too -- albert, vlad, manny, pedro, tejada... good lord). i have no silly patriotic outrage about what choices this guy should make. but to take that choice out of his hands? yeah, don't care about this tournament. i hope steinbrenner tells his players they can't go.


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ain't that sweet

from the post or the daily news or someplace: "I heard Johnny Damon say something like, 'Come on Mo!' and I looked at him and I said, 'I bet I never would have heard you say that,' " Francona said. "You know what, for one night, it was pretty cool."
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paraphrased to the point of mutilated quote of the week

bob costas: at various times in your career, you played with both joe morgan and tim mccarver. tell me, do you ever learn anything from their broadcasts?
mike schmidt [laughing]: absolutely NOT.


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if there's one person in the world...

.. i don't want mad at me, it's gary sheffield:

"We're going to bring our gold, our jewel in there, which is A-Rod," Gary Sheffield told me yesterday during the American League All-Star interview session.

"We're going to see how the chips fall this time. That's our man and we know he's our man.

"We're going to look out for him when he's in a situation like that."

I asked Sheffield exactly what he meant by that statement.

"When he's in a hostile environment, we've got to make sure he's comfortable because it helps our team," Sheffield answered.

And if something like the Varitek incident happens again?

"That's why I say it's going to be different," Sheffield said, looking me straight in the eye. [ny post]


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watching the cardinals field is like... the opposite of watching the yankees field. dreamy!


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sorry joel

so john bad flash flaherty helped thwart the big useless' best efforts at losing today's game against the big scary indians by throwing out 2 runners in 1 inning. even better, he's apparently the first yankee catcher to accomplish that feat since matt nokes did it in 1990. matt fucking nokes! i am now in dire need of a matt nokes t-shirt.
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What Would Jeter Do?

cstb's post about rob dibble's jetery crazy talk reminded me of more jetery crazy talk uttered by pete rose recently on bdssp. when asked which modern player he'd start a team around, rose said pujols, an answer which both delighted and puzzled me, mostly because it was sane. naturally he went and ruined everything by saying something to the effect of "unless it was a big game, then i'd take jeter because he's clutch and knows how to win." i want to hump the the captain's leg as much as the next girl, but come on. ALBERT PUJOLS. figures someone smoking the big red machine weed would say something dopey like that.
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i mean, wayne freaking franklin?

on the recommendation of gil patterson?

and the wee melky goes 2-3?

what kind of magic crack are they all on at columbus?

speaking of crack - since when could aaron boone go 4-4? everything i know is wrong.
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a very happy birthday fuck you list

- the state of new jersey
- my boss
- the yankees for not playing today


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i love it when you lie to me

Cincinnati would love to unload Griffey's contract on the Yankees, just as Colorado would be thrilled to get rid of Wilson's. Ain't happening. "We're out of that business," the Yankee operative said, adding that the avowed refusal to mortgage any more of the team's future for older, more expensive players may limit their trading activity to nothing more than a further fine-tuning of the bullpen. [ny post]


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reason #2835623 to love KB


[live, from the center of hell]
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pretty much.
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